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Joy of Cooking app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 512 ratings )
Book Food & Drink
Developer: Culinate, Inc.
7.99 USD
Current version: 2.0.6, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 06 May 2014
App size: 212.1 Mb

Joy of Cooking, the first cookbook in many kitchens, is now the must-have app for every cook—experts and beginners alike. Containing the entire contents of the latest edition of the bestselling and best-loved, 1,132-page book, the app is a treasury of recipes, reference materials, and special features that make planning and cooking easier than ever.

Here’s some of what you’ll find in the app:

• Universal app supports both iPhone and iPad.

• High resolution graphics and full HD resolution support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

• Thousands of recipes and reference materials cover everything from enchiladas to lemon meringue pie.

• All materials are included in the app. No internet access is required.

• Pre-set digital timers enable you to get each recipe just right.

• Let the app speak each step aloud so you can concentrate on cooking, rather than reading.

• Navigate each recipe with simple voice commands. No need to touch the screen with sticky fingers!

• Thousands of photos and illustrations leave nothing to interpretation.

• Built-in menu-maker allows you to create a menu and use it to navigate among recipes while you cook; you can even print it out or email it to your guests.

• Joy of Cooking classic red bookmarks help you keep track of several recipes at once.

• The Favorites list lets you store recipes that you want to cook again and again.

• Shopping lists can be created easily from one or more recipes.

• The Sleep-Block feature prevents your iPad from sleeping when you just want to cook.

• A switch to enable metric units can adapt recipes to your preference.

• A built-in conversion calculator makes it easy to substitute just about anything. Want to know how many teaspoons are in a half-cup? That answer, and many others, is just a few taps away.

• A smart search page, with easy-to-set filters, gets you results fast.

• One-tap help overlays make the app’s features easy to discover.

• Email or print any recipe for easy reference when you don’t have the app.

• Easily share what you’re cooking via social media so your friends can try to keep up.

• A handy notes page on each recipe lets you file away your own customizations for later reference.

Over the years, you’ve come to expect high-quality cooking advice and recipes from the Joy of Cooking cookbook. Now you can expect the same level of satisfaction from the app.

• • •

Praise for the Joy of Cooking app:

“As in the book, the fire hose of information — how to frost a cake, make salt-cured lemons, field-dress a gut-shot animal — is overwhelming, but the digital design makes it easier to navigate through 4,500 recipes and numberless tips.”

   — Julia Moskin, The New York Times

“@TheJoyOfCooking’s new iPad app might be the best thing to happen to home cooking since…the cast iron pan?”

   — Samin Nosrat, Author of SALT, FAT, ACID, HEAT; via Twitter

“One of the things I love about this app is that it helps bring recipes to my attention that I’ve passed over in the print versions.”

   — Marisa McClellan, Food in Jars

• • •

Praise for the Joy of Cooking cookbook:

“I’m … a ‘Joy’ fan no matter the edition: Every recipe is written in the book’s unmistakable style, with ingredients and amounts seamlessly integrated into the instructions. For me, this is still the quintessential American cookbook.”

   — Alton Brown

“The … narrative of Joy is one of, well, joy. Its recipes will prompt readers to bound into the kitchen; their range and depth is such that there really is something for everyone.”

   — Publisher’s Weekly

“The Swiss Army knife of cookbooks.”

   — The New York Times

Pros and cons of Joy of Cooking app for iPhone and iPad

Joy of Cooking app good for

Great app! Extremely user friendly. If you know this book you NEED this app!!
One thing I can guarantee: you regret having purchased this book. Not only does it have great recipes, it includes useful information for beginners and even those comfortable in the kitchen. It has timers, tips, its great. No, its spectacular!
Just blown away by this App! It has all the feature of the hard cover book, without the oil stains! Cant wait to use it! AWESOME! Its a gotta have for anyone who lives the Joy!
Wow, am I impressed. This was the very first cookbook I ever used, and its a joy (word intended) to see it here on my iPad. The app designers have clearly put a huge amount of thought and work into adapting this classic to its new digital format. Kudos!
Im really enjoying this app, its well laid out and easy to use. A must for anyone starting out in the kitchen and it wont disappoint long terms fans of the cookbooks.
Great app, looooonnng overdue!. J of C is a staple in my kitchen, and now, along with the Bittmans, a terrific addition to my iPad cooking. Wouldnt be without it!

Some bad moments

Are you serious!!! Mlitres, grams, cups and tablespoon measurements all in the same recipe. (See white bread) That is absurd. What a useless book. Very painful to use. There should be a way to set the measurements.
I followed your instructions on pork ribs and did exactly what you said and they burnt to a crisp not happy!!
There are many recipes and they are recipes that you will want to make, not just to show how the application works or to look nice. The in-app purchases are minor and are grouped so that you can get those recipes that you want.
Finally have my hands on the knowledge that this book has given cooks for years
I would like to be able to add items to the shopping list. Because I also need random other stuff when I go shopping.
I am LOVING this digital version of the original! I have the original book that my mother bought when it was first published way before I was born 40+ years ago. Its nice to be able to give that old book a rest! This digital version makes finding everything easy including recipes of course but also substitutions and the "about" ingredients part. I learned more cooking experience in my life from this book than ANY other book or app Ive purchased over the years. Plus, these are the recipes that grandma used to make! I dont know if anyone has had problems with the app, but I havent havent experienced any problems whatsoever. Thanks for bringing this ol relic back to life!!!!

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